WordPress Maintenance Plans

Peace of Mind

You can only make a first impression once with potential customers and site visitors.  Rest well at night knowing that your website is in good health and functioning properly.  My WordPress maintenance plans will give you this peace of mind.
WordPress Website Maintenance Packages

Safe from hackers.  Focus your attention on growing your business or organization while I do the behind-the-scenes work of keeping your website safe and secure!  Your WordPress website is running software (like on your computer) and it needs to be monitored frequently to update security fixes and new features.  WordPress software, theme and plugin file updates prevent security breaches that allow hackers easy access into your website.  I have seen this happen to websites when they were not updated frequently enough.

Visual page checks, testing forms and checking for broken links.  In addition to the updates just mentioned, our maintenance plans also include performing visual page checks to make sure content is displaying properly.  Website forms will also be tested to ensure form entries are successfully being emailed to you.  You wouldn’t want a potential customer’s inquiry to miss landing in your inbox!  And lastly, I’ll make sure your website is free and clear of broken links.

Monthly, bimonthly and quarterly WordPress maintenance plans.  Choose the frequency of your maintenance plan that best suits your budget and comfort level.  The greater the frequency site updates are made, the less chance there will be of glitches appearing on your website.  (If you choose a quarterly WordPress maintenance plan, I recommend you schedule time to visually check each of your website pages and test your forms once or twice during the interim.)  A glitch-free website is the goal!

Maintenance Plans

All of my WordPress maintenance plans include the following:

  • WordPress Updates
  • Theme Updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • Visual Page Checks
  • Form Tests
  • Broken Links Test & Fixes
  • Up to 15 Minutes Site Fixes
  • Summary Email for Client

Plan Options:

Monthly, bimonthly or  quarterly plans


To sign up for a WordPress maintenance plan, click on the “Subscribe” button beneath the desired plan option below. This will take you to a secure PayPal screen where you can choose how you want to pay for your subscription. You will be automatically billed every one, two or three months, depending on the plan you choose. Your payments will continue until you cancel your subscription via PayPal. If using a credit/debit card for payment, please make sure to update the card information on your PayPal account before the card expires.




$45/2 months


$45/3 months