Web Site Design

Have you tried to build a web site on your own and found it too difficult or time consuming? Do you need an experienced web designer to come alongside you to make your new web site a successful reality? Perhaps you already have a web site but it’s stale, out-dated and not working for you anymore.  Do you need a fresh redesign?  If you said “yes” to any of these questions, I’m here to help!

Responsive Web Site Design at Julie Burgess Web Design

My design philosophy is characterized by the following concepts:

  • custom designs unique to each customer
  • intuitive and easy-to-use navigation and site structure
  • well-organized content
  • simple and clean, not cluttered
  • consistent layout from page to page
  • thoughtful use of color and fonts
  • optimized graphic files that load quickly
  • a site design that is in harmony with other branding/marketing materials

Project Details

In addition to designing and building your site, I can also take care of the technical aspects required to get your web site up and running. This includes domain registration and setting up your hosting and email account(s).  I can also ensure that your web site is being backed up on a regular basis.

At the start of a new project, I ask my customers to provide me with any existing marketing materials, including logos, brochures, business cards, etc. I’ll incorporate existing logos, color schemes and design elements to create a consistent visual identity or branding. For new businesses, I am also able to provide graphic design services which include logo design and layouts for business cards, letterhead, brochures, signage, etc.

To keep up with the technological changes and the use of various devices to access the Internet, I have been building web sites over the past few years using WordPress and its responsive templates/frameworks. This means that only one set of site files needs to be created, yet the site will automatically adjust its display and layout according to the size of the device the site visitor is using. Whether a mobile phone, a tablet or iPad, or a laptop or desktop computer, the web site will be easy to read and use. Your web site will be mobile-friendly!

To help promote your web site, especially with search engines, I can assist you in creating optimized web page content. I’ll give you suggestions for creating text for your site pages, and I’ll build your site using methods that are search engine friendly.  I can also help you create unique meta info for each page (titles and descriptions) that will appear in the search engine results.

Contact me whenever you need updates made to your web site, or I’ll train you to make them yourself!  WordPress includes a secure content management system (CMS) that allows web site owners the ability to make site updates themselves. No special software is required – you simply access your CMS through a browser. I will provide you with your secure web site address for updates and your unique username and password. I’ll also create written documentation on how to use the content management system. One-on-one, hands-on training will also be included. Many of my customers have been very pleased with this CMS!

How to Begin

FIRST STEP: Fill out my web site questionnaire.  This will allow me to gather some basic information about you and your web site goals and ideas.

SECOND STEP: Setup a free initial consultation with me to discuss your web site project goals and ideas, to gather additional information, and to begin creating custom site plan that includes desired site content and features. After we meet, I’ll put together a detailed web site proposal which will include a project description and cost breakdown.

Request Your Free Consultation

THIRD STEP: If you choose to allow me the privilege of working with you, simply provide me with a signed copy of the web site proposal and a check for half of the project costs. (This is the down-payment.  The final payment will be due once you approve the new web site and before I make it live.)  If you prefer to pay with a credit card, just let me know and I’ll send you a link to pay via PayPal.  At this point, my creative work will begin!